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I'm an aspiring comic artist from Virginia, USA, (currently living in Maryland) who has a keen interest in furries and procrastinating. I used a Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet to draw and PaintTool Sai and Photoshop CS2 for the art part. Send a note or comment my way if you have any questions!
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What's for the end of the year?

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 11:28 AM
First up- Commissions have been closed for an indefinite amount of time. I'll be explaining below.

Also- I have plans to really crank out school, so I can wrap up everything before Christmas next year (2015). Right now, I'm in 11th grade, and want to finish 12th ASAP, so I'll be doing school through the summer so I can be DONE. Not looking forward to it, but hey, if it means I can be done with school a full semester before everyone else...

With those out of the way, I can now talk about *pulls cape over mouth* the future.

So if you didn't know, I have a comic.

This comic started September 21st, 2013, where it had five pages until I decided to switch to a new format (the beta ended November 4th, 2013).

Now, Streetlight follows a strip format, covering the length of roughly five comic pages in one strip. The first strip was released March 11th, 2014. Since then, the latest strip has been released on August 11th, 2014.

Streetlight 1:1 by Divert-S Streetlight 1:2 by Divert-S Streetlight 1:3 by Divert-S

I can post my entire comic series without having to hit enter. That's not good. We have three books to go and I haven't even finished sketching 1:4.

I have the current goal of finishing two strips before the new year (1:4 and 1:5), so by the new year, I can start the first fight scene. That is where things get interesting. Not the first five strips. The sixth. Yep.

To make this goal, I'm limiting what I'm working on. Besides the monthly full colors (which is being worked on for this month right now, I promise), I will not be drawing art for others in any way. Yeah, it sucks, but I'm starting to realize how important deadlines are. If I want to make a two strip deadline in just over two months, and complete three more full colors, I have to stay focused.

Soon enough I'm hoping to post more references of my characters, even if they're simple front and back poses. It would pretty much follow the characters of Octavian LucirWinston SimmonsMaxime LeroyThe Twins (Sugar and Spice Simmons), and if I have time, the two protagonists of the series. If you click their names, you'll be linked to the last time they were drawn by themselves, with the exception of The Twins. 

They're not the best reference pictures.

Even then, I haven't drawn my own character in years. By that I mean since July. WOW.
(If you want to see what I mean)

Once I have better reference pictures, I can host contests. The sooner, the better.

RECAP on what I have to get done before 2015:
Full color for October (DONE)
•Streetlight 1:4 (in sketching phase)
•Full color for November
•Streetlight 1:5
•Full color for December
•Decent refs of Oc and Winston, at the least

Whether I get to the refs or not, I have to do the others. There's a large change I'll submit a sketch dump or some personal art, but hey, that's life.

After the new year, we'll see about opening commissions/art trades/etc. It all depends on where I'm at. *shrug*

If you read, thanks, and here, distract yourself from basic responsibilities by playing Cubefield.



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hey hey commenters

If you're here to thank for a watch, fav, or llama you don't have to! It's my pleasure~
Otherwise, go ahead and comment about whatever, I love talking to people!
another note- I do not respond to chain mail, spam, or any of the sort


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