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Alyssa | 16 | ♍ | ISFP
probs aromantic | asexual | don't even ask

You are now the inquisitive doodler.
I'm an aspiring comic artist from Virginia, USA, (currently living in Maryland) who has a keen interest in furries and procrastinating. I used a Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet to draw and PaintTool Sai and Photoshop CS2 for the art part. Send a note or comment my way if you have any questions!
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spoopy time journal skin

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 10:56 AM
Did you know Halloween is my favorite holiday? To me, the entire month of October is Halloween. Good luck surviving.

Also I decided, for the month, to change up my journal skin. Now you can see my characters be even bigger nerds than normal.

Last thing- the original nerd who did the CSS stuffs for this, NeonStryker, tagged me. Let's find out what fantasy creature I am...

Just watch, I'm a vampire.

[ ] You are under 5 feet tall. 
[ ] Most of your clothes are size small or extra small. 
[ ] Outdoors is where you love spending time most.
[x] You are generally kind and positive, but you have a dark mischievous side to yourself as well. 
[ ] The afternoon is your favorite time of day. 
[ ] You love natural things.
[ ] You tend to look down at your feet or the ground when you walk.
[ ] You have "flying dreams" often. 
[ ] You are full of energy and love to play.
 [x] You enjoy making the new, and upgrading the old.

Total: 2 

[ ] You love salty foods.
[ ] You love fish and other sea foods. (my sister cooked seafood all the time when I was growing up. I've grown to not like it much.)
[ ] You could spend hours on a beach and never get bored.
[x] You are crafty and love art.
[ ] You are able to make many surprising things out of what seems like the most difficult of materials.
[ } You are a bit "too" playful, and sometimes don't know when it's a good time to get serious. 
[ ] You enjoy water activities, such as water gun/balloon fights, swimming pools, sprinklers, picnics at the beach, etc.(I literally hate being near water. can't swim.)
[ ] Not many people know a lot about you, as most of you is a mystery.
[x] You almost always stare at and/or twirl your straws in your drinks.
[x] You act tough on the outside, but are actually very soft and sensitive on the inside. 
Total: 3
(how is that higher than a pixie I'm terrified of deep water)

[x] You are a shut-in and don't enjoy going outside often. 
[x] Night time is your favorite time of day. 
[x] You are more active during the night than during the day.
[x] You eat weird things that most of the people you know don't understand or particularly like. 
[x] You are confident in yourself and have much pride. (I'd also punch my younger self but that's another story)
[ ] You find entertainment in flirting with others. (when people try to flirt with me it's hilarious because I don't know they're doing it oh no)
[ ] You have an eye for expensive things, and only accept the best of the best.
[ ] You tend to lack sympathy and are often only concerned about yourself. 
[x] You have a strong distaste for any foods saturated with garlic or grease. (I can't stand mcdonald's or burger king... or domino's. they were good until my tastebuds changed around like domino's menu did. ugh)
[x] You have a bit of a depressing past and therefore distract yourself with the present to try to temporarily forget it.
Total: 7

[ ] A cozy cabin in the woods is your ideal home/vacation home. (have you heard of spiders um no)
[x] Anyone can tell your home/bedroom is owned by none other than you, as it has been modified with your own special style into your own personal "den." 
[ ] You often get upset when you find someone somewhere where they don't belong.
[x] You are among the loyalest in your family/group of friends and would do anything to protect your loved ones. (which is weird because I trust maybe 2 people on the planet)
[x] You enjoy smelling different scents. (BATH AND BODY WORKS IS MY PLACE)
[x] You even have an emotional attachment to some scents (mint chocolate chip)
[x] You like your privacy, but are still more than willing to converse and play with your loved ones when the time is right. 
[ ] You tend to be very moody.
[ ] You have hurt someone dear to you by saying/doing things you didn't mean to say/do. 
[x] You love red/dark meat.
Total: 6

[x] You are almost entirely kind and positive. Some may argue you don't even have a bad side to you at all. 
[ ] You are often "blind" to the "bad side" of things. 
[x] You love spreading your optimism to others and cheering people up.  (I annoy people like that)
[ ] You don't know how to handle "bad people" and "bad actions" well. You may even overreact and have meltdowns. (nope I do. took lots of classes and have tons of experience. I'm typically the friend people come to with their problems)
[ ] You are honest to the point of hurting people or possibly yourself.
[x] You are very ambitious. Sometimes even to the point where you are unable to be realistic.
[] You love almost everything and everyone. 
[ ] Some people describe you as a bit of a "ditz" or "scatterbrain." 
[x] You love to daydream and lose yourself in fantasy. (that's how I make characters)
[ ] Plants, such as vegetables, lettuce, and wheat are some of your favorite foods.
Total: 4

[x] You are sly and cunning, able to trick and fool almost anyone. (yeah it's bad that I do it but sometimes you really want a snack)
[ ] You are distant and don't enjoy much company.  
[x] You enjoy wide open spaces.
[/] You are quite lazy and don't do much physical activity. (been exercising lately)
[ ] But when you do you are able to accomplish amazing physical tasks. 
[x] You aren't very picky and will eat almost anything given to you.
[ ] You love collecting things. 
[ ] And you have great difficulty getting rid of/letting them go.
[/] You would do anything to accomplish your own personal dreams and desires.
[ ] Many people fear you, and you like it that way. 
Total: 4

[ ] You must always have a plan for anything you do.
[ ] You weigh less than the average weight for your age and height.
[ ] You are taller than 5'10". (aren't elves short?)
[ ] Your vocabulary is extensive and your way of speaking is sophisticated.
[x] You prefer fighting with your wits and intelligence rather than your physical strength.
[ ] You speak more than one language. 
[ ] You like to keep things formal and are rarely casual about any situation. 
[ ] You are often too serious and sometimes even find it difficult to loosen up. 
[ ] You have taken an archery class. (I really want to take one though. pretty good at it tbh)
[ ] You are swift on your feet and rarely stumble. 
Total: 1

[ ] You are Irish. (swedish/greek but eh. white is good enough I guess)
[x] You are often misunderstood. 
[ ] You are feared by some people despite the fact you don't even do anything bad to them.
[x] Sometimes you feel invisible and ignored by others.
[ ] You love to sing.  (used to- but then my vocal range hit puberty and it goes from low ti to fa)
[ ] You are terrible at keeping secrets.
[ ] You love antiques.
[x] You enjoy exploring old places. 
[x] You are not afraid of death. 
[ ] You scream loudly whenever you are scared.
Total: 4



also anyone is free to do this

Brace face? 

6 deviants said my teeth are as perfect as me *strikes a pose*
4 deviants said nah son been there done that never again
1 deviant said when can I rip them out
1 deviant said gonna need them soon oh no someone tell me they're not as bad as everyone says

kohai was here

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"All right, I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons? Don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! 'I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these?' Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's going to burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm going to get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!"


hey hey commenters

If you're here to thank for a watch, fav, or llama you don't have to! It's my pleasure~
Otherwise, go ahead and comment about whatever, I love talking to people!
another note- I do not respond to chain mail, spam, or any of the sort


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